Where are you located? Our bakery is located @ 3706 E Broadway St, Pearland, TX

Can I visit your store & purchase cookies any day? Our lobby is open Tuesday - Friday 10:00am-7:00pm and Saturday 11:00am-3:00pm.

Do you ship cookies? Yes! We ship our decorated cookies, please choose the shipping option when you check out or fill out our custom order form and choose "I'd like my cookies shipped to me". Our coordinator can quote shipping costs. MSO Cookies shipping in fo can be found here: SHIPPING INFO

How do I place an order? Please use the order request form linked in our menu above to provide your order information & we will respond with a quote as soon as we possibly can. PLEASE do not send multiple messages thru facebook, messenger, instagram, email & the order form especially within 24 hours. This often slows down the replies even more when we are going through requests. We DO NOT BOOK VIA TEXT MESSAGE OR PHONE CALL.

Why do I have to communicate via email? Keeping all of our order communications in email keeps all of your order details in writing in one place. We often go back to refer to your emails when we are creating your invoice & all of our staff can refer back to the original order details you provide when they are decorating your order. We are often communicating with 50-80 customers at any given time and the only way to keep our orders straight is through written email. 

What if I don't make it to pick up my order? For pre-orders via our website we ask that you pick up during the times provided only, if you forget or don't pickup your pre-paid order we will hold your order for 2 business days. There will be no refunds or credits issued for unclaimed orders & we will donate the order after 2 business days. All orders are baked specifically for you. All custom orders are booked for our time and there will be no refunds or credits. 

What's the turn around time? We book anywhere from 1 week-months in advance. BUT please keep in mind we do add extra orders each week IF we are ahead of schedule. We highly reccomend booking at least 2 weeks in advance.

I've eaten cookies like these before that were beautiful but did not taste good, do your cookies taste good? We have lots of reviews on our Facebook page & Google that reference the taste of our cookies. They are not just pretty, they're yummy too!

How long are the cookies good for? They stay fresh once heat sealed for 2 weeks. We recommend eating within 1 week of purchase but they will be soft & still taste great for 2 weeks.

Can I freeze my cookies to keep them fresh? YES! The cookies freeze very well! You won't even be able to tell they were frozen. We can provide instructions upon request. 

What if we have food allergies? We are not a nut free kitchen and for food allergies we highly recommend finding a bakery who only offers allergen free products. Our decorated cookies do contain tree nut products & our kitchen regularly uses peanut butter & other nut products.